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Coral Safe Sunscreens

People like to cruise to or vacation in tropical places. Of course some people live there too. Tropical waters are often home to coral reefs. People love to swim, snorkel, and dive in these waters, and to see the coral … Continue reading

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USS Kittiwake Wreck and Reef Snorkel

Grand Cayman Island has much more to offer besides a place where people hide their money in offshore bank accounts.  It’s a great vacation spot, and a port stop for cruise ships.  We had not made any plans for that … Continue reading

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Bohol, Philippines

Chris and his wife Liza continue their vacation in the Philippines, diving and snorkeling in Bohol. The morning after leaving Anilao, we flew to Bohol.  There we stayed at the Vest Pension House.  The airport was a little way away … Continue reading

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Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

I love snorkeling, and did a lot of it on our Great Barrier Reef cruise on the Reef Encounter.  At one stop though, I tried something different.  The beginner’s scuba lesson they offered on that cruise.  You don’t usually think … Continue reading

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Snorkling the Great Barrier Reef

Snorkeling over multicolored corals of many varieties feels somewhat like looking down on a living fireworks display.  The Great Barrier Reef certainly lives up to the name great, with many varieties of fish and coral to see.   Such a vast … Continue reading

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