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Carnival Breeze Comedy Brunch

A cruise on Carnival’s newest ship, the Breeze, includes the opportunity to experience a variety of the new 2.0 upgrades.  The Breeze is the first ship to include all of them built in from the start.  One is the comedy … Continue reading

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Carnival Breeze Punchliner Comedy Club

Carnival Cruises Funship 2.0 upgrades includes all sorts of food, fun, and entertainment.  A wide variety of new spaces and places get added all over the ship as each boat in turn goes into drydock.  The new Breeze didn’t have … Continue reading

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Comedy Cruise

We wanted one last hurrah before the baby was born.  I was gigantic.  I looked like I’d swallowed a basketball. Plus a football, and maybe a little league team.  I was 37 weeks pregnant, and going on a comedy cruise … Continue reading

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Beware the Ninja Floaters

What exactly is a ninja floater?  I could be talking about the irukandji (aka iracongi) jellyfish.  Tiny and transparent, these deadly jellyfish float about unseen in the waters of northern Australia.  But they are not the subject of this blog.  … Continue reading

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How to Speak Australian

How to speak Australian:  Fosters is not, so the Aussies say, Australian for beer.  On my first visit, the cash-strapped youngsters claimed everyone drank VB (Victoria Bitters.)  Now older and of better means, they prefer microbrews.  So apparently they all … Continue reading

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