Décor on Celebrity Constellation

Grand Foyer

Celebrity Constellation has some classy décor. The Grand Foyer is the central area of the ship open several decks above the stairway with balconies around it. The popular martini bar sits alongside it, and live music often plays on one of the balconies across from the stairs.

floor décor

Fancy things could sometimes be found in hallways too, joining different flooring together.

video art

Down by the shops there was a wall of video art.

glass sculpture

One alcove had a brightly colored glass sculpture. I’m not sure if it was actually supposed to represent anything or not, but it reminded me of either snakes or kelp.

there were several sculptures similar to this one

The ship also has a lot of strange artwork. Odd art objects almost seem to be a requirement for cruise ships, but this one had more than its share. Even the photos in the hallways leading to staterooms were mostly out-of-focus pictures of objects people wouldn’t normally take photos of like telephone poles and street corners.

we were told this pool-deck statue cost a fortune

When sailing on pretty much any cruise ship I often wonder who chooses the art and what they were thinking when they did. This ship was certainly no exception, with reminders around just about every corner.

alphabet man

Outside of the buffet there was a man made out of letters of the alphabet.


The solarium had a questionable statue too.

the top of the staircase had the tallest weeds

The stairways had some of the strangest art of all on the landings between sets of stairs. On the front stairway each case displayed some weeds. Mostly dandelions in different stages of blooming and plantains, but the top case had some taller weeds with just the plantains and no dandelions.

blob art

The middle stairway had what looked like glazed blobs of clay. Mostly they were just shapeless blobs, but one had some legs sticking out of it.

stairway bird and worm

The back stairway had mostly things that looked like they were made either by or for small children, other than the bottom two levels which had jars of marbles.

flower and upside down turtle-worm

Worms seemed to be a theme for several levels.


The strangest of the worm things was these earworms.

art for sale

There’s always art for sale on cruise ships. Some of it is nice, but a lot of it is things that I can’t imagine ever wanting to hang in my house.


Paintings hanging around the ship aren’t necessarily to my taste either, though some are by famous artists so I guess some people like them.

buffet display

There was some art that I liked though. There were some clever paper sculptures like this tea set in a glass case at the buffet.

paper tree picture

I liked the giant paper tree picture outside of the fancy suite restaurant too.

top deck sailboats

I also liked the metal boat sculptures found in a few places around the ship.

lower deck wall art

A lower-level hallway had a giant wall boat.

boat on a ship

Other places had boats too, though even some of those were a bit odd.

Whether it’s nice, interesting, or just plain weird it’s fun to look at the art on cruise ships.

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6 Responses to Décor on Celebrity Constellation

  1. The art is so eclectic. Some of the work is really interesting, but others for me are definitely in the “what were they thinking” category.

  2. Anna says:

    a bit too much art for my liking, but some of them look pretty cool.

  3. ThingsHelenLoves says:

    Quite the mixed bag of art- some of it appealing, some giving me Alice in Wonderland thoughts!

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