Celebrity Constellation Veranda Cabin

Constellation in Costa Maya

Celebrity Constellation cabin 6033 has an extra-large balcony, one of just 8 staterooms on either side near the bow of deck 6 to have that feature. If you look at the deck plans on Celebrity’s website, it shows deck plan options for before and after April 25, 2033.

extra-large veranda with a view of the port in Miami

On the after plan it shows those 8 cabins each side as deluxe veranda cabins having larger balconies than the other staterooms in that row. The prior to 2033 deck plans show those rooms as regular veranda cabins and it doesn’t show that they have the extra-large balconies.

cabin 6033 with Miami view

The cabin itself has the usual bed that can be separated into two if desired, plus a drop down bunk in the ceiling and a small couch that opens up into a single bed. It’s not a large room so it could feel crowded with the full 4 people it holds, though I have stayed in a smaller cabin than this with 3 people and we were fine. For two it’s a nice size. It has a table and chair, a desk, a couple deck chairs with a table, a double door closet with hanging space and on our cruise it had significantly more hangers than usually provided on a cruise ship. The third closet houses the safe, 6 drawers and 2 shelves.

standard cruise ship bathroom

There’s also 2 drawers in each of the 2 nightstands and 2 shelves by the bathroom mirror as well as some space in a small cupboard in the bathroom and 2 small cupboards under the desk. A cabinet under the TV holds a small refrigerator. It was full of pay-to-use mini-bar items at the start, but we had the steward take them away so we could use the space for things we put in there instead. There was another cupboard above the TV.  The room had more than enough storage space for 2 people. Three might fit all their stuff in, but it could be a bit tight with 4 unless people packed light.

it helps to bring your own outlets and USB ports when the ship has 2 outlets and no USB ports

Each of the nightstands had a lamp, but not the sort that have USB ports in them, though those would have been useful since there were none in the room – and only 2 American style outlets. Good thing I brought a 3-outlet plug and a clock with 2 USB ports. That gave us enough space for whatever we needed to plug in or charge, where just the two outlets would not have been enough even for two people.

magnets are always useful on cruise ships

One wall had several full-length mirrors framed in wood, but the other walls were magnetic. Besides my little magnets for keeping paperwork sorted, this time I had some new ones – magnetic hooks. They came in handy for extra hanging space, though they did not hold anywhere near the 50 lbs they were supposed to. A hat or small camera was fine, but a coat or other heavier, but nowhere near 50-pound item had the hook sliding right down the wall.

the magnetic hook held stronger in the shower than on the cabin wall

The shower was also magnetic and my new hooks seemed to hold more weight with a clothesline full of wet clothes attached there than they did on the main cabin walls with dry things so perhaps the shower walls were more highly magnetic and they need the right surface to hold a greater amount of weight.

oversized balcony with sea view

As far as size of a balcony cabin goes, this one had one of the biggest balconies we’ve ever had at about 2.5 times normal size. The cabin itself was neither the biggest nor smallest. We’ve had some with room for a full-sized couch and some without room for a couch at all. This one had a small couch. It also had a railing across the back wall. Not sure if the intended use was for people to hold onto if they need help getting out of bed or something, but it made an extra place to hang things that weren’t quite dry.

the cabin had room for a small couch

The shower in the bathroom was bigger than what most of the newer ships have, and it had the one little built-in clothesline that I thought was standard on all cruise ships until I sailed on Symphony of the Seas, which didn’t have one. That’s the newest ship I’ve been on so I hope that is not a sign of things to come on newer ships. Even if people never wash any of their clothes in their cabin those pull-across-the-shower clotheslines are always handy for wet swimming suits, and who doesn’t have that on a cruise?

towel animal

The steward was nice, and attentive. Unlike some cruise lines, Celebrity still cleans twice daily. Near the end of the cruise we had a new towel animal each evening.

cabin 6033

Overall this was a nice cabin, and currently a good deal since it has that extra-large balcony while booking as a regular veranda cabin. That will not be the case after April of 2033 when it gets the deluxe veranda designation and higher price that goes with it.

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