How to Fold a Towel Iguana

towel iguana

Supplies Needed to Make a Towel Iguana

One bath towel

Two hand towels


Directions for Folding a Towel Iguana

roll both ends of a bath towel to the center

BODY – The towel iguana uses the standard towel animal body. Lay the bath towel out flat, smoothing out all the wrinkles. Tightly roll each end into the center from the short sides, making your rolls as tight as you can and smoothing out any wrinkles that form along the way.

fold towel in half with the rolls to the outside and pull the tips out of the center of each roll

Fold the towel in half with the rolled side out. Pull the tips out of the center of each roll. Take two tips from the same roll in one hand, and the two tips from the other roll in the other hand and pull both sides away from each other, stretching them into legs so it becomes a body.

pull the ends of the rolls away from each other – this one is just partly done. You don’t normally stop halfway like this, but keep pulling until finished. I just stopped for the photo,

If you are unable to pull all 4 roll ends at once you can do one roll at a time as long as you make sure you have the tips from the opposite ends of the same roll each time.

towel animal body

When you are finished pulling it will be a body with 4 legs.

hang the very center of the towel on a hook

TAIL – Fold one hand towel across the center of the short side to find the exact middle. Hang the middle point on a secure hook or tuck it under your chin to hold it if you don’t have a suitable hook.

both sides rolled under

Roll both sides from the center point at the same time, keeping both rolls as tight as you possibly can. You will need to move your hands up and down the rolls as you go to keep the entire thing tightly rolled. The tighter it is the better it will work.

fold almost in half with a bit of the bottom edge visable

HEAD – Fold the other hand towel almost in half across the short side, leaving just a bit exposed below the unfolded end.

fold the raw edge over

Fold the overhanging bit over the edge of the towel. This is to cover the raw edge kind of like putting a hem in clothing. You can skip this step, but if you do one end of the mouth will have the raw edges.

fold towel in half so the folded ends are even with each other

Fold in half so that the edges are even and the first fold covers over the raw edge that was folded back on the second fold.

fold the corners down from the end where the two folds meet

From the end where the folds meet, fold each edge over the towel into a triangle. The tips of the triangles are at the end where the folds meet. There will be space in between the two triangles.

flip the towel over

Flip the towel over so the triangles are on the underside.

Fold the center up to the other edge of the towel

Fold the centerpoint back up over the towel.

fold both sides down

Fold in half moving towel downward so the underside is on the inside of the fold and the point of the triangle is on the outside. The part on the inside of this fold is the part that was the underside after the center was folded up.

place the body rolled side up

ASSEMBLING THE TOWEL IGUANA – Set the body so the side where you can see the full rolls is up.

tuck the tail and head in between the rolls of the body

Tuck the tail between the body rolls with the rolls of the tail facing up. This is the underside of the animal, so tuck the head in on the other end of the rolls with its underside facing up. Fold the legs from each side together over the things tucked into the body to hold everything in place and flip it over. If your rolls aren’t tight enough to keep your iguana together on their own you can put rubber bands around the ends of the head and tail that are tucked into the body and not seen. Open the iguana’s mouth, pose the legs and tail as desired, and add eyes. Googly eyes are ideal, but you can make eyes from bits of paper or felt if you don’t have any googly eyes. Double stick tape works great for holding eyes in place. You can add a tongue or other embellishments if desired.

finished towel iguana

For more towel animal folding instructions see My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

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    Haha, he looks lovely.

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    That is so cute!

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