How To Fold a Towel Whale

towel whale

Supplies Needed

2 bath towels

1 washcloth


How To Make a Towel Whale

fold towel over across the short side, leaving a bit of single layer at the end

Lay one bath towel out flat. Fold towel over across the short side, leaving about 6-8 inches of single layer hanging out beyond the end of the folded over edge of the towel.

roll in from corners of folded edge

Roll the edges of the towel starting with the corners of the folded edge and adding in the folded end and the sides.

roll the folded end and the sides

Keep rolling until most of the towel is rolled. Repeat with the second towel. Roll one towel a little more than the other so that the wider one fits over the top of the narrower one.

roll two towels with one a bit narrower than the other

Turn the wider towel over and set it on top of the narrower one. The mouth end sets up on top of the other towel while the rest of it covers over the edges of the lower towel.

put one towel on top and tuck the edges under

Tuck the edges of the top towel around the lower one so only the mouth looks like two separate pieces and shape the tail end into a narrow opening just big enough to insert the tail.

fold washcloth diagonally then over tip

Fold the washcloth diagonally so it makes a triangle. Fold the tip of the triangle back over the folded washcloth.

tuck up the center with the folded triangle underneath

Turn the washcloth over so the triangle folded over it is on the underside and bend it a little at the center to make it tail shaped.

insert the tail into the back of the whale

Insert tail into the opening at the tail end of the whale and tuck the towels around it. Shape tail and the rest of the whale as desired.

finished towel whale

Add eyes to finish the whale. Use big googly eyes or make your own eyes from felt or paper.

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2 Responses to How To Fold a Towel Whale

  1. Ruth Roberts says:

    The whale does look really nice, though probably more difficult than some other animals.

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