A Virtual Christmas Vacation

Christmas in Pictures

When you can’t travel for real, travel vicariously on the internet. This was a real trip last year, now it’s a virtual one. One benefit of traveling near Christmas is seeing all the decorations – sometimes in unexpected places.

Heathrow Airport London, England

Christmas decorations at Heathrow Airport

Lucerne, Switzerland

at the top of Mount Pilatus

at a small gondola station halfway down Mount Pilatus

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

putting up decorations in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Innsbruck, Austria

giant tree in Innsbruck, Austria

Santa pays a visit to Innsbruck

decorations at a Christmas market in Innsbruck

Christmas market in Innsbruck

On the MSC Lirica

stairway in the theater on MSC Lirica

gingerbread village under a stairway on the MSC Lirica

Limassol, Cyprus

Santa has a bike in Limassol, Cyprus

Santa has reindeer and his sleigh in Limassol too

Christmas market in Limassol

Dubai, UAE

Dubai may be in an Islamic country, but they’re not shy about putting up Christmas decorations. They aren’t offended by them either. There were at least as many locals as tourists in many of the decorated places, sometimes way more. Women in their hijabs and abayas walked under hanging Christmas wreaths and other decorations or past Christmas trees and displays without a care.

Mercato Mall

Atlantis Hotel

store window at Dubai Mall

in a store at Dubai Mall

giant Christmas ornaments at Dubai Mall

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6 Responses to A Virtual Christmas Vacation

  1. Lyn Douglas says:

    Delightful. All the best for a much happier and safer 2021. Lyn

  2. Ruth Roberts says:

    They are fun to look at.

  3. Anna says:

    Fingers crossed we can go this year somewhere around Xmas. I really missed my Christmas markets this year.

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