Social Distance Vacationing

After months at home people are going stir-crazy and want to get out. It’s a lot easier to do for those living in countries that have handled Covid-19 and are now not experiencing many if any new cases. Of course even there approaching travel cautiously is wise in order to keep the virus away. Especially since some countries that had it under control are now seeing a resurgence often brought on by exposure from travelers.

RV camping – internet photo

Local travel is more popular than ever with many people traveling to places within their own country, and even more to places fairly close to their homes. The popularity of camping has skyrocketed as people can bring their own accommodations with them and not worry about anyone else having slept there. Popular tourist destinations can get crowded though, so lesser-traveled destinations are currently a better choice. Choosing a campground carefully also helps as some have private outdoor space and distance between each campsite while others are just a row of packed together parking spots for RV’s. Unless you are alone in an isolated wilderness camping in a self-contained RV is preferential to a tent at this point because the RV has its own bathroom, whereas with a tent in a campground you have to use shared campground facilities.

island cabin

island cabin

Not everyone has an RV, but whether you do or not, private cabins or free-standing BnB’s or vacation rentals are another great option for social distanced vacations or short getaways. These are more likely to offer isolation than a crowded campground and certainly offer more privacy than a hotel. Amenities vary as do prices, but there are so many options through Airbnb, VRBO, and other vacation rental companies that the odds are quite high of finding a suitable place. Just as with camping, it’s best to avoid the usual tourist draws and look for a more isolated experience in less-traveled places.

Olympic Rain Forest

trail in the woods

Destinations with plans for visiting the great outdoors are currently safer than indoor experiences. Providing your own transportation be that by car, boat, bike, or your own two feet are preferable to public transportation at this point too so the safest thing is to look for destinations close enough to home that you can get there on your own and spend time hiking on wilderness trails or visiting deserted beaches, sparsely populated or uninhabited islands, or other places where you’re not likely to see many other visitors. It’s also ideal if you can reach your chosen place in one day to limit possible exposures by not staying in more than one place. Regardless of the end point, be sure to pack masks and hand sanitizer in case you come across other people or spend any time in civilization.

inside a tiny house Airbnb

Many Airbnb’s are operated and maintained by the owner, who is likely spend far more time cleaning it than the time allotted for cleaning each room in a hotel. Either way these days surfaces are likely to be sanitized between guests.

not the usual bnb guest supplies, but you gotta go with the times

Some offer extra amenities, which at this time may include things like masks, sanitizing wipes, or hand sanitizer. Every place is different and some offer private outdoor space as well as the indoor accommodation. Many have kitchens so there’s the opportunity to prepare your own meals, or at least have a table to comfortably eat take-out or delivery. Some even have washers and dryers like a real home away from home. You can even bring your pet if you choose your accommodation carefully. Dogs are more likely to be allowed than other pets so it is easier to find a dog-friendly place than one for other sorts of animals.

there’s an elephant in the bedroom

In this time of social distancing the best way to travel is choose an appropriate destination and accommodation. Have fun while there, but don’t forget to take the usual precautions like wearing masks and frequent hand washing or sanitizing. After all getting sick is never any fun, especially not when trying to enjoy a much-needed vacation while you may not be near familiar medical facilities – or any depending on the remoteness of your chosen location.

tiny houses work great for a free-standing Airbnb

While staying in an Airbnb, Vrbo, or other guest house, remember that you are a guest in someone else’s house. Abide by the house rules for that home. Don’t rearrange the furniture or the dishes in the cupboards, don’t unplug the TV cable, turn off or change settings on motion lights on the porch, take anything with you that belongs to the house when you leave, or do anything destructive to the home or property. All of that should go without saying, but sadly there are people out there who are inconsiderate or downright destructive. Many Airbnb’s have guest books which are likely to contain helpful information about things to see and do in the area as well as house rules and important information about the home and how to access the amenities there.

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4 Responses to Social Distance Vacationing

  1. Lyn Douglas says:

    Motor homes and caravans or trailers have been very popular in Australia for ever but the numbers now days are huge. Everyone is now exploring their own country. Great idea.

  2. I feel everyone’s frustration of being stuck at home. I normally travel internationally for work, and go on holidays abroad, so these are really strange times having to stay within our borders. As you say in your post, we have to adapt. In a way, it’s quite exciting seeing what we have in our own back yard! Can’t wait to go much further afield though 🙂

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