Décor on Carnival Magic

Carnival Magic cruise ship

Carnival Magic

Each cruise ship has its own unique décor. On Carnival décor ranges from the way out there over the top décor of the Splendor to the does it really have any décor of the Vista. The Magic has décor to suit it’s name. Things seen throughout the ship are fun, vibrant, sparkly, bright, or in some instances magical.

magical decor

lights throughout the Magic’s atrium constantly change colors

When entering a ship for the first time, often the atrium is the first thing passengers see since the gangway at initial boarding often leads there. The atrium on the Magic is mostly decorated with color changing lights, which give it somewhat of a magical feel. Actually a lot of the décor throughout the ship is done with lights.

magical hallway

it’s only fitting that a hallway on the Magic is named Lower Magical Way

Some of the artwork on the ship depicts magical type scenes, and there’s even a place called Lower Magical Way.

magical casino

Hat Trick Casino…where they make passengers’ money disappear

The casino too fits the magic theme with the name Hat Trick Casino and sparkly décor that includes a rabbit in a hat.

stairway art on the Magic

stairway art (with reflections of nearby lights)

Wall accents around the ship are green and sparkly, and match the green of the lights in areas where they don’t change color. Stairways have fun and bright artwork, some of which includes birds or beachy scenes.

colorful hallway walls

hallway art in a cabin area

Hallways between passenger cabins also have brightly colored artwork in sort of a patchwork quilt style with the patterns repeating down the hallway and toucans and other birds in some of the patches.

weird cruise ship art

there are some rather odd paintings

Some of the ship’s artwork is a bit strange.

cruise ship dining room

some of the dining room décor is done with lights

Many bars, restaurants, and other public places each have their own décor unique to that space on this ship. Following with the theme of the ship, some of those areas also use lights within the décor of the space.

Red Frog Pub

Red Frog Pub on Carnival Magic looks the same as on other Carnival ships

Places such as the Red Frog Pub or Guy’s Burger Joint that are found on multiple ships have similar décor on each ship on which you find them rather than fitting in with the theme of individual ships.

cruise ship theater

lights are part of the décor here in the Spotlight Lounge as well as in the main theater

Overall the Magic has a happy and fun vibe both in the décor and the ship itself.

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