Cruise Ship Decor on the Ruby Princess

the only ship in a town that holds 4

Ruby Princess in Skagway

In general the décor on the Ruby Princess is suitable for a ship of royal lineage – she is a princess after all. It’s mostly tastefully done in faux opulence without looking tacky.

Arabian or Egyptian themed lounge on Ruby Princess

this could be a palace – in the Explorer’s Lounge

Some of the scenes in murals or paintings could be of royalty or kingdoms from a variety of countries and centuries.

cruise ship art

sea turtle statue

One thing the Ruby Princess lacked that I had begun to think was a requirement of cruise ship décor after sailing quite a few ships on a variety of lines was ugly statues randomly placed about the ship. Other than a few themed statues that were part of the décor of a lounge, bar, or other room, the only statues I ever saw on board were near an elevator on the Lido deck, and they were not ugly. These statues were of sea turtles on coral, two things I quite enjoy seeing when I go snorkeling. Looking at them reminded me of fun times.

model ship

Salty Dog Gastropub had model ships

Different bars, lounges, and restaurants each had their own theme, some maritime and some not. Same with wall art in different hallways or areas.

cruise ship art

sea life wall art on outside Lido deck

The Lido deck featured sealife in some outside areas while other decks and inside hallways featured scenes of charming old towns or life scenes of bygone eras.

Ruby Princess Piazza


The Piazza, a central area open to several decks with a fancy light at the top, featured some exquisite tile work, as did the hallway near the shops.

fancy floor

tile in the hallway near the shops

The Piazza was reminiscent of a town square with an open area for activities surrounded by different places to go like a 24-hour cafe and a wine bar.

24 hour cafe

seating area for the Piazza cafe

Some of the activities they had there during the cruise included a champagne fountain, horse or moose racing, and puppies. While the horses were wooden and they added antlers to call them moose, the puppies were real live huskies who came on board in Skagway. The champagne was real as well and guests were allowed to take a turn pouring it as well as drinking it. Sometimes they had music there too.

cruise ship cigar bar

Speakeasy Cigar Bar

The Ruby Princess had a room that would be a nice addition to any ship that allows indoor smoking – a fully enclosed cigar lounge. Not that I would ever set foot in there, being allergic to tobacco smoke, but I appreciate that people have a place to go smoke where they can be comfortable without spreading their smoke throughout the ship. It was located in the casino which gave smokers a handy place to go without filling the entire casino with their smoke. You could smell the tobacco stench from nearby areas outside the room, but it was nothing like the smoke floating freely through the air on ships that allow smoking in an open casino.

spa thermal suite

heated ceramic chairs in the spa

The spa had an Asian theme. Heated ceramic tile chairs may not look comfortable, but they totally are. Take the spa tour on boarding day on just about any ship and you can try them out for a few minutes for free.

space themed nightclub

Skywalker’s Nightclub is out of this world – or at least decorated that way.

Skywalker’s nightclub has an outer space theme.

cruise ship Piano Bar

pianos climb the walls at Crooners Bar

Pianos are the theme at Crooners Bar. Spaces and places on the Ruby Princess each have something unique about them.

Share restaurant

Share – one of Ruby Princess’ premium restaurants

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