Cruise Ship Decor on the Carnival Legend

Carnival Legend

Legend in Sydney

Surprisingly enough, the theme for the decor on the Carnival Legend is…..Legends.  While it’s not completely obvious, the stuff legends are made of does pop up all over the ship. The Legend spends part of the year sailing for Carnival Australia out of Sydney and the other part sailing to Alaska for Carnival in America, with ocean crossings and stops in Hawaii between the two.

Legend atrium

the atrium at ground level

Carnival Legend

looking down at the atrium

Legend decor

Colossus stands guard high above the atrium

The atrium is the center showpiece of many cruise ships, including the Legend. You have to go up high though to find the giant painting of Colossus at the top of the Colossus Atrium. In between the glass elevators on the opposite wall of the atrium from the painting there are openings where people can look down to the atrium floor or up to Colossus on the wall.

hallway decor on a cruise ship

genie by a stateroom door

The hallways to the staterooms are all lined with a variety of pictures from all sorts of legends. There you find everything from dragons to unicorns to genies. Each picture is monochrome, but different decks have different colors.

magic onthe legend

flying carpet

The firebird lounge, which hosted activities including the comedy shows, had brightly colored Arabian Nights type scenes on the walls and phoenixes on the lights.

wild decor

Medusa with her hair of snakes

Medusa is all over Medusa’s Lair, a nightclub used for other functions in the daytime.

cruise ship decor

tile floor

Some of the decor on the Legend wasn’t obviously about legends.  It had a lot of intricate tile work on floors and stairways around the ship.

cruise ship pool

pool at night

At night the pool had everchanging light colors.

cruise ship chapel

inside the chapel

The chapel had some lovely stained glass windows.

a place to hang out

public seating area

Hallways through the public decks of the ship often had seating by the windows.

the trees are fake

the enchanted forest

The enchanted forest is a sort of secret area that most passengers probably never find.  It loops around behind the stage at the bow and has rows of little tables with chairs next to portholes. Stairways from the enchanted forest access Circle C, Camp Carnival, and the arcade. Most people probably go straight to Camp Carnival on deck 5 and never see these hallways.

cruise ship art

stairway art – Trojan horse

The ship had three stairways.  All of them had large vases (behind glass) in the corners.  Two had paintings in the center and one had pictures made of metal.

glass artwork

every corner of every stairway had a different vase

nearly nude painting

elevator art

The Legend had some elevator art that seems a bit inappropriate for a family-friendly ship, but not so entertaining as the art in one of the elevators on the Splendor.  Considering it had the same decorator as the Splendor (Joe Farkus) it is not too surprising. (The Splendor was originally destined for European line Costa and had quite a bit of nudity in the decor including naked toilet man in one elevator.)

fancy lights

light from firebird lounge

Cruise ships often have fancy lighting fixtures. The Legend had these stacked lights painted with phoenixes in the firebird lounge.

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8 Responses to Cruise Ship Decor on the Carnival Legend

  1. cruiseplannersctwv says:

    Great pics, read

  2. ProsperityAndCalamities says:

    Carnival is so different from other cruise ships in their decor and color choices. Some people love it but I just think it’s funky. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. chris says:

    The pool looks really good. It looks like it has a giant purple jelly fish in it. How late did you have to stay up to get a picture of the pool with no people in it?

  4. LaVagabonde says:

    I love the Medusa.

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