How To Get Free Spa On A Cruise

cruise ship spa

Legend Spa Entrance

All the major cruise ships have spas. For the most part, nothing at these spas comes cheap. While some passengers can afford to enjoy the spa services, cruisers on a budget tend to spend their limited dollars elsewhere. If you like what the spa has to offer, but not the price, there are ways to get in for less – or even for nothing.

cruise ship spa

Dry float bed on the Splendor

On boarding day cruise ships often have spa tours. Many times this just involves a guided walk through the spa stopping in different rooms to hear about what they have to offer. Occasionally though they might have something free. One ship had chairs set up outside the spa where they gave free hot rock massages to entice passengers to take the tour. Another gave out small product samples free to anyone on the spa tour. Some ships have a dry float bed. If they haven’t got anyone modeling it they might ask for a volunteer. If that opportunity ever arises for you, take it before someone else does because lying on that dry float bed feels wonderful even if it only lasts for the few minutes of their speech.

cruise ship spa treament

spa treatment model on the Splendor

A lot of people book back to back cruises. When doing so, on the first cruise it never hurts to ask at the spa if they need models for the spa tour on the next cruise. If they do, put your name on the list and you might get a free spa treatment if you don’t mind being on display for all the people walking through on the tour. If you are open to wherever they put you you have a better chance of getting in, but not so much chance of getting the treatment of your choice.

spa pool

Westerdam mineral pool

While on the spa tour they often offer special deals. Those particular deals probably won’t come up later in the cruise. Every day usually has a different offer of something for a lower than the usual price, though if they had a really spectacular deal on the tour you may not see anything quite that good again. At the end of the spa tour normally everyone gets a raffle ticket. One of those must be present to win types where you come back that night in a crowded room where a few lucky people get their tickets drawn for free treatments.

cruise ship spa

couples massage room on the Westerdam

Of course booking a spa cabin is another way to get free spa privileges. Spa cabins usually come with free spa products, use of the thermal suite if the ship has one, and priority on other treatments. One thing spa cabins don’t come with though is a budget price.

heated ceramic chairs

people try the Westerdam’s ceramic chairs on the spa tour

Many ships have thermal suites, which usually include heated ceramic chairs, a mineral pool, sauna, and steam room. Thermal suite packages for the duration of the cruise are often offered on the spa tour. While the price for the full cruise pass is a lot less per day than buying a one time visit each day would cost, it’s often too high for a limited budget. If you really want to have the thermal package, but would like a lower price, go back and check a couple days into the cruise and if they still have space available you might be able to get the pass for less since those days have already passed. It’s hard to beat relaxing on the heated ceramic chairs. If you’ve never sat on one, give it a try at the spa tour on your next boarding day where you can sit in one for free. They are so much more comfortable than they look. Just getting to sit in that chair for a few minutes for free makes taking the spa tour worthwhile even if you have no intentions of booking anything.

hair salon on a cruise ship

Cruise ship spas include a hair salon – this one on the Legend

Cruise ships always have activities scheduled each day to entertain the guests. Watch the schedule for spa events. Sometimes they have something called a ladies pamper party where people get a chance to try some of their products for free. Mostly they try and sell you stuff, but they may also pick a couple people a free haircut or makeover and even if you don’t get chosen for anything major you at least get to try the free samples. They also may have offers at a lower price than people would get without attending their events.

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