Hanging Towel Monkey with Open Mouth

How To Fold a Towel Monkey

how to fold a towel monkey

hanging towel monkey with open mouth

Supplies Needed for Hanging Towel Monkey

1 bath towel          1 hand towel           decorations           hangings

How to Fold a Hanging Towel Monkey Body

towel art

roll one side of the bath towel to the center from the short end

The hanging towel monkey uses the standard towel animal body.  Lay bath towel flat and roll both ends to the center from the short sides.

towel art

roll the other end to the center for two equal rolls

Fold rolled towel in half with the rolls to the outside.  Pull the tip out of the center of each roll.

towel animal folding instructions

make sure to pull the tips out far enough that you can hold onto them

With one hand holding the tips from both ends of one roll, and the other hand holding the tips of both ends of the other roll, pull tips of all 4 rolls until rolls pull into legs of towel animal body.

directions on towel animal folding

get a good hold on the tips with each hand on both ends of one roll

If you lack the hand strength to pull the whole thing at once, pull as much as you can to get it started and then use one hand on each end of the same roll to pull one side at a time.

towel creations

when the rolls are pulled far enough the towel looks like an animal body

To hang the monkey, either use two clothespins to pin the arms to a hanger, or tie a string around the ends of both arms and hang it over a curtain rod, hook, or whatever is available to tie it to.

creative towel folding

the body has to hang before adding the head because the arms keep the head in place

How To Fold An Open-Mouthed Monkey Head

hanging towel monkey

Fold a towel in half across the short side.

Fold the hand towel in half across the short side.

how to make towel animals

Make the second fold so that the open edges are at the top of the towel.  Open edges here are both at the top of the photo and sitting on the top of the folded towel.  The open edges will be upper lips,  If the open edges are on the underside of the towel at this point they come out as lower lips.

Fold in half again.  You have several options depending on how you want the finished monkey head to look.  The open edges on the short end will always be where you fold your triangle points.  If they are on the top side of the towel, they will be the top lips on the finished head.  If they are on the bottom side of the towel, they will end up as the bottom lips.  Then you can decide if you want to open the mouth between the two open edges so that the towel hem makes a lip, or for a wider open mouth you can leave those edges together and open between folds so one lip is both open ends together and the other is a folded edge .

making a towel monkey

The open edges are folded across the towel in this triangle.  Because they were on top before folding the triangles, they will end up as upper lips when this head is done.

Fold one side over from center to form a triangle.

towel monkey head

The open edges now face each other in the center.  They are now under folded edges and will come out as upper lips.

towel monkey options

Here the open edges started out on the underside of the towel so are now on top. They will end up as lower lips.

Fold the other side over from center to form a second triangle.

now for the tricky part

fold the top triangles to the back, away from each other so the open edges that were at the center are on the outside once the two smaller triangles are folded together

the art of making towel animals

Folded into a small triangle with open edges on the outside.  This one will have the open edges as lower lips.

Fold the two triangles into one with the back sides together and the open ends on the outside of the center fold.

origami towel folding

Fold down the corners of the loose ends of both sides of the triangle so there are no points sticking up.

towel monkey head

the head does not hold its shape on its own, but the monkey’s arms will hold it together once it gets tucked between them

Fold down corners on both sides of triangle.

folding a towel monkey like on a cruise ship

you can open the mouth between the open ends so the towel edges look like lips whether they are on the top or on the bottom like this one

Open folds at rounded end to create mouth.

smiling monkey

mouth opened between the open ends

towel monkey mouth choiced

mouth with open ends as lower lip opened between folds with open ends together

towel monkey mouth

mouth with open ends as upper lip and folded edge as lower lip

how to make a towel monkey

mouth with open edges as upper lips, but opened between the layers on the open end

Use felt or red paper to make a tongue that highlights the open mouth.

hanging towel monkey

add a tongue and eyes and place head between the monkey’s arms

 Finishing the Hanging Towel Monkey

making a towel monkey

head tucked into the arms

Tuck head between raised arms of hanging body.   Add eyes (googly eyes, or eyes made of paper or felt) or sunglasses.  Add any other decorations desired, such as the pom pom nose on this monkey.  Adjust body and legs to keep center as closed as possible.

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

finished towel monkey

For a completely different option on how to make the head for an open-mouthed towel monkey, check out this video with Bagus from MSC Divina, who has his own way to make a towel monkey with an open mouth.

For instructions on how to fold all sorts of other towel animals, please visit My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

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11 Responses to Hanging Towel Monkey with Open Mouth

  1. Ralph says:

    What a brilliant towel monkey LB. Love it ! ❤

  2. gwynnrogers says:

    What a WONDERFUL idea! I’ll bet my granddaughters would love them! Thanks!

  3. aFrankAngle says:

    As a cruiser, I love the folded-towel creations … so I guess now I should try this.

  4. I prefer your monkey in brown to Bagus’s monkey in white, but he sure has the folding technique down. As for yours, the only thing it was lacking was a folded yellow towel banana.

  5. Kamila Pala says:

    Well done, i like the monkey! We had similar “monkey” in our cabin during the Cruise Trip… 🙂

  6. Ruth Roberts says:

    Your monkey does look nice. The colored towels do make the animals look better than the white ones. I don’t expect the cruise ships to start using colored towels, though.

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