Spaces and Places Around The Ship on Carnival Liberty

Caribbean Cruise

Carnival Liberty

Carnival Liberty’s 2.0 upgrades brought a lot of great new spaces and entertainment options to the ship.  In addition, it had some pretty nice places already.  I covered the 2.0 upgrades in a previous blog, this one is about other great things the ship has to offer.

movies on the Lido Deck

Movie screen on the Lido Deck

Dive In Movies

 A movie screen looms large above Guy’s Burger Joint, Blue Iguana and the Red Frog.  Each night after dark different movies play under the stars at the Seaside Theater.  The chairs around the pool area are arranged in different levels just like a regular movie theater so everyone can see.  They also double as chairs to sit and sun in, or a place to set things while in the pool, hot tub, or on the waterslide during the day.

dining on Carnival Liberty

food from Mongolian Wok on Lido Deck

Mongolian Wok

 The Lido deck includes a variety of different little mini-restaurants serving different types of food.  One is a Mongolian Wok station where you load up a bowl of your choices of veggies and noodles, then the cook grills while you watch, adding your choice of meat and sauce.  None of the Lido restaurants cost extra, not even the new places like Guy’s Burger Joint or the Blue Iguana Cantina (not to be confused with the Blue Iguana bar, because drinks do cost extra.)

Carnival Liberty

Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar

 Each evening the Sushi bar on deck 5 opens up for a few hours.  Chris, Liza and John like sushi, but passed it by most of the cruise assuming it cost extra.  It didn’t, which they found out in time to give it a try.  They had a limited selection, but one really can’t complain when it’s free.

Slide on Carnival Liberty


Water Slide

 The Liberty has a slide that would be pretty good even on dry land.  Considering it is on a ship with limited space, they did a really good job making a fun salt-water slide.  We all liked it well enough to go right back up for another turn several times. After sliding we made use of the nice hot tub underneath the slide.  On the way up we also discovered  a ping pong table.

Carnival Liberty Nightlife

Piano Bar

Piano Bar

 The piano bar included a whole piano-themed room with a real piano in the center.  Different colored lights brighten up the surroundings when the piano man entertains passengers late into the evening.

inside Carnival Liberty

Looking down the Atrium


Carnival Liberty has a gorgeous atrium with glass elevators.  Sometimes they have performances or games in the lobby at the bottom.  Once we saw two young kids (probably about 7-9) dancing beautifully there.  They drew a crowd of onlookers on every level.  There’s a bar at the lobby there, and just around the corner guest services and the shore excursion desk, where we booked our excellent wreck and reef snorkel adventure over the sunken USS Kittiwake in Grand Cayman.

golf ob Carnival Liberty

John tries out the mini-golf course

Mini Golf

 Up on top of the ship, all around Carnival’s signature funnel sits a variety of holes making up a mini golf course.  Passengers can check out golf balls and clubs free at the towel hut near the midship pool.

main show stage



 Like most cruise ships, the Liberty has an assortment of hot tubs and pools, plenty of different bars, spa, casino, 24 hour food and a couple theaters.  The big theater hosts the nightly production shows, the smaller one things like comedy shows and art auctions.  Like most cruise ships, the Liberty also has Carnival’s usual kid’s programs with Camp Carnival, Circle C and Club O2.


fitness center

Work Out at Sea

And to work off all that delicious cruise food, there’s a gym, sport court, and track.

spa on Carnival Liberty

spa treatment room


In the spa you can get a variety of treatments including massages and acupuncture.  Or visit the hair styling salon.  Of course, everything at the spa costs extra except the introductory tour on the first day and the short trial massage they give to entice people to take the tour in hopes they sign up for something.

carnival liberty main dining room

waiters singing in Golden Olympian dining room

Dining Rooms

Carnival Liberty has two main dining rooms, the Golden Olympian and Silver Olympian.  We had the your time dining, which was in the Golden Olympian lower level.  People who prefer the traditional early or late seating where they have the same table with the same people at the same time each night can choose that option, but we like the freedom the your time dining offered.

Sometimes the wait staff sang or danced to entertain diners and one night a strolling magician performed tricks tableside.  We had great multi-course meals nightly, and tried Carnival’s tasty signature dessert, the chocolate melting cake.  We also made a couple visits to the Silver Olympian where they served breakfast, lunch, and on Sea Days, afternoon tea.  Afternoon tea must be the best kept secret on Carnival because the time we went not very many people showed up, and they served the some of the best goodies we had during the whole cruise.

We did not try the steakhouse, or the chef’s table tour and dining experience, both of which cost extra so, I don’t have anything to say about them other than that they exist.

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4 Responses to Spaces and Places Around The Ship on Carnival Liberty

  1. Water slides, movie theater, restaurants, gym, etc?!?!?!? I need to go on a cruise!!!!!!!!!!! And maybe bring along my parents as babysitters…

    • We’d love to go on a cruise with you, but you don’t need us as babysitters. The ships all have kid’s programs. They have activities for all different age groups. Well they do have to behave themselves. When I get to writing about the Alaska cruise (probably about May) sometime I’ll get to the part about Justin getting kicked out of the kid’s club.

  2. Chris Beath says:

    I wish I would have known the sushi was free earlier. I would have eaten a lot more sushi.

  3. Vitamin A says:

    I appreciate your helpful article. topnotch work. I hope you write many. I will carry on watching

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