Sydney Harbour Cruise

Captain Cook Cruises

Sydney Harbour Cruise leaves Circular Quay

Sydney Harbour encompasses quite a large area.  It includes many nooks and crannies that go by names such as Darling Harbour and Circular Quay.  Everything from city scapes to mulit-million dollar homes to nature preserves dot its shores.  Miles of white sand beaches sparkle in the sunlight reflecting off the clear blue water.

In Australia for our daughter’s wedding, we had a day or two for sight-seeing after she left for her honeymoon.  The wonderful family she had stayed with as a high school exchange student let us stay at their house and treated us to a harbour cruise.  They lived in the Blue Mountains, about an hour out of Sydney.  While staying with our daughter we mostly traveled by train, but this time we went to the city by car.  On what us Americans would consider the wrong side of the road.

We found parking within a reasonable walking distance from the harbour.  We did not have a whole lot of time until the boat left so we scurried toward the pier and looked for our boat.  We looked and looked, but could not find it.  Finally they asked someone working for the cruise line where to find it.  At the other harbour they said.  We went to King Street Wharf and needed to go to Circular Quay.

What to do now?  We had no time to get back to the car and drive over, and definitely not enough time to walk there.  Water taxi to the rescue!  We hopped aboard a water taxi, and arrived at the correct harbour in time to board before the boat left the dock.

Sydney Harbour

On the Sydney Harbour Cruise

Rows of chairs on the top deck offered a clear open-air view.  I think they had inside seating down below, but we sat outside so I am not sure.  They had a little snack buffet set up for nibbling at will.  We got our munchies and found a seat.  Soon the boat pulled away from the dock.  We felt the wind of motion on our faces and the warmth of the sun on our backs.  Specks of light danced on the water like nature’s glitter.   The  eyes of the passengers shined brightly with enjoyment, mostly hidden behind dark sunglasses.

The boat went around Sydney Harbour into all the little nooks and crannies while a guide explained the points of interest.  Houses of rich or famous people, some with private underground access to the water.  Beaches popular or isolated, some with nude sunbathers.  They also pointed out some of the various subsections of Sydney.

view from the water

Opera House and Bridge

We saw the opera house from the water, and the underside of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.  We toured with Captain Cook Cruises, but I’m sure any cruise line would give a good tour. Some offer sailboat or catamaran tours.  Harbour cruises are available as a day trip on their own, or as a shore excursion when stopping in Sydney on a cruise ship.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

under the bridge

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4 Responses to Sydney Harbour Cruise

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  2. Lauren says:

    I remember this day really clearly – I remember Jennifer (or maybe it was me?) spilled a whole cup of hot tea on herself!

    I also remember that when we toured out near Rushcutters Bay (one of the most affluent parts of Sydney) we toured past Frank Lowy’s (the owner of Westfields) $110million yacht.

    It was a beautiful cruise – even living in Sydney, you forget how gorgeous the inner harbour is around Mosman, Manly, and near the Spit Bridge. Some really incredible real estate perched precariously on the sides of rather steep banks of the harbourside.

    Was a great day – can’t wait to have you back over here sometime soon!


  3. Miami Girls says:

    your blog is very nice very nice

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