Cedar Camp #6

Cedar Camp No 6

When choosing Lake Crescent as a destination in Olympic National Park because it is one of the few places with accommodations in the park, it was a bit of a disappointment when I went to book about a month and a half before our planned visit only to find everything already full. It’s a big lake and there’s a main lodge in one area of the lake and a log cabin resort in another, but neither had anything available for the two nights I wanted to stay. Nearby Lake Sutherland wasn’t much better with the only Airbnb’s available for the days I wanted costing over $300 per night for a whole lot more house than 2 people would need. Luckily there are other Airbnb’s in the area. There was also a camp full of fancy tents with beds in them for a pretty good price, but those sites came with outdoor kitchens which would be fine in nice weather, but not knowing in advance what the weather would be we wanted fully indoor lodgings. A good choice since it did rain some while we were there.

inside the cabin at Cedar Camp 6

On Airbnb I found a cozy little cabin near to the tiny town of Joyce, which is fairly close to the park. This little cabin, called Cedar Camp Number 6, was a nice size for 2 people. It has one main room with a kitchen area, table, a couple places to sit, and a bunk bed in one corner. The bunk has a queen lower and single upper. There was also another bed underneath which was either a trundle or a separate bed that could be pulled out and put elsewhere. I don’t know which because we didn’t pull it out to see. With my mother and I the two main bunks were sufficient. Besides the main room there was also a decent size bathroom with a pretty big shower. It did lack a wall hook for hanging clothing while in the shower though.


The kitchen had a full-sized refrigerator, small stove, microwave, and a sink. The table had room for 2, but could have been pulled out from the wall and the other leaf raised to make room for more with a larger group. There was no dishwasher, internet, or TV. The theme of the decor was logging, which ties into the name. Whether there was actually a logging camp at that location or not I have no idea, but there was definitely logging in the area. The nearby Spruce Railroad Trail was once a logging railway. Decor included several old logging photos.

cabin porch

A comfortable rocking chair sat next to the kitchen table, and an oversized chair by the bed. We did not use the cabin’s small wood stove. It also had a baseboard heater, though the control for it was inconveniently located behind the top bunk. They did have signs to help people locate it, as it would be unlikely anyone would find it otherwise.

cribbage stump

A large stump sat between the doorway and a porch with some furniture where people could sit outside if they wanted. The stump had a cribbage board carved into it. Cribbage is one of those games like backgammon that I used to play years ago, but no longer remember how. Not that I couldn’t look it up online if I really wanted to know. There were also some other games on a shelf in the cabin. A short distance from the cabin there was a firepit and some outdoor furniture.

blackberry salad at the Blackberry Cafe

The cabin is in a rural residential area, a second dwelling in the owner’s yard. It’s just a short drive to Joyce, which is a very small town, but it does have a few stores and a restaurant called Blackberry Cafe. We had lunch there on the way home the day we checked out. The menu is mainly burgers, but there were a few other things. I got the blackberry salad, which was probably about 3 times larger than the salad I had at Crescent Lake Lodge for lunch the day we arrived for just a few bucks more. It came with a nice blackberry vinaigrette.

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