Wonder of the Seas Cabins

Boardwalk on Wonder of the Seas

Like all cruise ships, Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas has a variety of staterooms and suites to choose from. Being the largest cruise ship in the world it has more types of cabins available than most.

interior cabin

Usually there’s not a whole lot of variety among inside cabins, but on this and Royal’s other Oasis class ships there is. These ships do have the traditional interior cabins with four walls around and no view to the outside, but they also have so much more.

interior cabin with virtual balcony

There are inside cabins with virtual balconies – where the view is digital rather than actual. This 80-inch high definition screen provides real time views of the outside, and can be turned off if desired.

promenade view cabin

Wonder of the Seas also has inside cabins with actual view windows. While these cabins do not face the sea, they have windows into either the royal promenade, central park, or boardwalk areas of the ship. The royal promenade is a fully enclosed area that looks something like a city street surrounded by shops and eateries. The promenade area extends for quite a length through the ship and up several stories with skylights into Central Park.

window and balcony cabins above Central Park

Central Park is in the center of the ship, but open to the sky. Cabins run along both sides with other ship structure at either end. Real live plants live in gardens and on part of the wall. The ground level has shops and eateries around the edges. Cabins rise above, the lowest level of which has windows. Similar to Central Park, the boardwalk area at the back of the ship is also interior, yet open to the sky. It is also open at the back other than screening around the aqua stage. This area too has shops and eateries at the ground level with cabins going up the sides.

balcony cabins and aquatheater suites at the back of the boardwalk

Windows aren’t the only thing found in interior cabins though. Both the boardwalk and central park areas have balcony cabins running up both sides above the shops and the lowest level of cabins that just have windows. These cabins have sliding doors opening out onto balconies just the same as the ones found on ocean facing sides of the ship, except that these balconies have views of central park or the boardwalk area.

ocean view cabin with porthole

Wonder of the Seas also has ocean view cabins with windows or portholes facing the sea like most other cruise ships.

ultra-spacious ocean view cabin

Some of these come in a larger-than-average size.

forward facing oceanview cabin

Most ocean view cabins are on the sides of the ship, but Wonder has some forward-facing ocean view cabins on several decks. A few of them are ultra-spacious, but most are the regular size.

ocean view balcony

Besides the interior cabins with balconies, Wonder does of course have ocean view balcony cabins as well. These are generally the same sort of cabin other than these cabins are located on the exterior of the ship where the balconies have views of the ocean.

Junior Suite

Suites come in many varieties ranging from junior suites up to two-level loft suites with more space than some people’s homes. There’s even an extremely kid-friendly ultimate family suite with a slide from the upper to lower level. At the back of the ship there are suites with decks that wrap around so they have views of the aquatheater as well as views of the sea.

sundeck for suite guests only

Wonder has less suites than other Oasis class ships as they cut the number of suites to make space for a special suite neighborhood with a private bar and sundeck areas for suite guests only. Apparently people in huge suites that often have giant private balconies need extra deck space that people in tiny cabins with small or no balconies don’t because areas reserved only for the people who already have the most space seems to be a thing on a lot of ships these days. Perhaps to help justify the exorbitant amount those suites often cost?

Royal Loft Suite

There are of course connecting rooms and accessible cabins available among different stateroom categories on the ship as well. Connecting cabins have a door between two cabins which can be unlocked if people staying on either side are together or left locked if they are not. You are more likely to hear your neighbors if the cabin has a connecting door so it is best to avoid those cabins unless you are traveling with the people next door and actually want to use that connection. Accessible cabins are generally the largest within their category, and will have features like wider doors, bigger showers, and some features lowered so they can be reached from a wheelchair.

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2 Responses to Wonder of the Seas Cabins

  1. These cabins are so amazing.

    • It’s nice to have so many choices. We had a Central Park view balcony cabin. We were a bit skeptical of the interior balcony before the cruise, but ended up loving it. We actually spent more time on that balcony than we usually do on ocean view balconies.

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