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Moclips Airbnb

Wanting to get away during the pandemic, yet stay safe from Covid, we went with local travel in a private residence and booked a weekend in an Airbnb on the coast. Sea Mist house near Moclips, Washington is half of a duplex overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This house sits south of town perched on a bluff above the beach. The other half the house is called Coastal Breeze Cottage and is also available as a vacation rental. It’s mirror image, but with different décor. Both allow dogs. Décor on the other side is beachy, whereas in the Sea Mist house it has everything to do with the sea. Many nautical items adorned the walls and shelves, with whales and other sea creatures represented as well. Looking at all the knick knacks and other items scattered about the house, some up way too high to reach, I was very glad I was not the person responsible for cleaning that house in between guests.

master bedroom

The house sleeps 6 people in 3 bedrooms. The large master bedroom has ocean views and a sliding glass door out to the patio. It also has a private bathroom with double sinks and a jetted tub.

master bathroom

The second bedroom is much smaller, but it has room for a queen bed and a closet. It’s not on the ocean side of the house, but double glass doors give it the option of an ocean view through the living room, or close the curtains in those doors for privacy. It has an exterior window to the front of the house.

loft bedroom

The third bedroom resides in a loft which official descriptions of the home call a crow’s nest. It’s nearly fully enclosed other than the entryway at the top of a spiral staircase built by a local shipbuilder. This room contains a daybed with a trundle bed underneath. It also has the best views in the house, but you have to stand at the window to look out as it is too high to sit anywhere in the room and see the view. This room could have been improved by having a bay window with window seat instead, and with the addition of a half bath so anyone sleeping up there would not have to go downstairs if they needed the restroom during the night. My sister who slept up there also mentioned a mirror in the room would have been nice. In spite of that, it was still a nice bedroom with plenty of space and that great view.

view from the loft

The second bathroom has an accessible shower and a stacking washer/dryer. The front entry to the house is also accessible by means of a ramp. House rules require shoes off and there’s a very low wooden shelf near the front door to put them on. Outside on the porch there’s a shoe cleaning mat to rub the soles on before taking them off, which is a good idea to help keep the sand outside where it belongs.

living room

The living room is comfortably equipped with a reclining couch, rocking chair, and another chair. There’s a TV in the living room as well as another one in the master bedroom. Cell phone reception is not good in that area, but the house has free wifi and excellent sunset views – with window darkening see-through shades in case the sun is too bright to enjoy those spectacular sunsets.

Linda, Vicki, & John making pizza in the large, well-equipped kitchen

The fully equipped kitchen even has some cooking supplies like oil and spices in addition to all sorts of pots, pans, and dishes. The one thing we could not find was a toaster, although it did have a toaster oven. It’s a good size kitchen with lots more counter space than I have at home, and a door into the one-car garage. Oddly enough the light switch for the garage was on the side behind where the door opens rather than where it could be reached upon opening the door.

patio and back yard with ocean view

There’s a small yard for each unit, each of which includes a patio, picnic table, barbecue, and fire pit as well as a sweeping ocean view.

dining room

The home is listed as dog friendly, but their rules included no barking and staying off the furniture so we left our dog with friends for her own weekend getaway visiting their dog. She likes furniture and would never make it through several days without barking at some sort of intruder, real or imagined. She’s the sort that barks when someone on TV knocks on a door or rings the bell. She also would have barked at the two little dogs that occasionally came out into the backyard of the other unit with their owner.

second bedroom

This house is not situated directly on the beach. From the downstairs you would never know there were other houses below it as the beach appears to be just down a little hill. From the loft you can see the hill is much taller than it looked from the lower windows, and that there are houses between this one and the beach. Those houses are on the beach access road, the entry to which is several houses south so it’s just a short walk away. Some of the homes on the beach access road are available for vacation rentals.

seemingly endless beach

Beaches in this area are long and wide. The sand seems to stretch on forever both north and south, but if you walk far enough in either direction you will come to a river that you would need either a horse or some very tall boots to get across without getting wet. It’s quite a distance between rivers though so there is plenty of space for a nice walk – or run. There’s a lot of beach and not many people which makes social distancing extremely easy.

stairway to the loft

Overall we had a great weekend getaway. Even the weather cooperated with sunny days during our visit.

sign on the house

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