Limassol, Cyprus Cruise Port

MSC Lirica in Limassol, Cyprus


Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, an independent country officially called the Republic of Cyprus. Weather in this area brings hot dry summers and rainy winters. Currency is the Euro. Limassol lies on the southern coast of the island and is known for its centuries old Limassol Castle, which houses the Cyprus Medieval Museum. Residents of Limassol speak Greek, but in touristy areas many also speak English or Russian. Limassol (Lemesos) is the 2nd largest city on the island.

building in Limassol

The economy is largely based on tourism, and we had no trouble finding English speakers working in the shops we visited there. The country also has industry and trade as well as agriculture and fishing. Agriculture was once the base of the island’s economy, and is making a comeback with resource-efficient farming of organic and superfood products.

the port terminal building is a series of oval pods


Cruise ships dock in the new port, 3k away from old town and the old port area. There may be free shuttles into town for some cruises, and bus 30 will also get people there. The terminal building has duty free shops, banks, tourist information, and taxis. The building itself is quite interesting looking. It’s a series of oval pods.

inside one of the pods at Limassol’s cruise terminal

The port is located in an industrial area not near anything for tourists to see. On our visit shuttles to a marina were available near our ship, the MSC Lirica. These shuttles cost 9 euro per person so there was no free port shuttle that day. Shuttle busses ran continuously from both ends with one leaving as soon as it was full and more always ready and waiting for the next load.

shuttle stop in Limassol

The buses stopped in a small parking area with an across the water view of some lovely homes. Boats there all appeared to be privately owned. From the parking area people could walk alongside the water past the boats in the marina or onto a street passing through town.

walkway at the marina

The area around the marina was newer construction with nice homes, shops and cafés around the fancy yachts moored there. From there it is not too far to walk to the old town area where buildings are far more ancient, or to a seaside walkway which has a seawall you can walk on as well as a walking paths and a bike path.

carousel in Limassol, Cyprus

Our wanderings took us through an area where a carnival had been set up, but it wasn’t open that morning. It still wasn’t open when we walked by later in the day on our way back to the shuttle stop. Perhaps it was setting up for the Christmas season and not yet operational. Or maybe it just wasn’t open that day or during the daytime.

the marina was full of fancy expensive modern yachts, and then there was this boat

Some people did walk from the ship into town, but you would have to know where you wanted to go and have some sort of map or mapping app to find it if you are not familiar with the area, as well as adding some distance to whatever you walk to once you get where you are going. We took the shuttle, but in my online research pre-cruise I found a site that said the walking distance into town is 3K so not a bad walk if you know where to go, assuming that information is correct.

view from the shuttle stop in Limassol


Attractions to see in Limassol include Limassol castle, museums, sculpture park, historic mosques and churches, medieval center, bars and cafes, Fasouri Watermania water park, zoo, Kolossi Castle, marina, ancient Kourian archeological site, Aphrodite’s Rock (seashore rock formation said to be where the mythological Greek goddess Aphrodite emerged from the sea), Molos promenade from old town to the zoo, Akti Olympion beach, Oleastro Olive Park & Museum, sanctuary of Apollo, Akrotiri salt lake, and Advimou beach.

Limassol Castle

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  1. Cyprus is a great place to travel.

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