How to Fold a Towel Spider

towel spider

Supplies Needed to Make a Towel Spider

3 Bath Towels


Rolled Cotton

How to Make Towel Spider Legs

towel origami

roll both ends of bath towel to center

Legs for the towel spider are made from two standard towel bodies. Start with one bath towel. Roll both ends to the center from the short side.

fold rolled towel in half and pull the tips out from the center of each roll

Fold the rolled towel in half with the rolls to the outside. Pull the tips out of the end of each roll.

towel art

take the tips of one roll in one hand, and the other roll in the other hand

Take both tips of one roll in one hand and both tips of the other roll in the other hand

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

pull all 4 tips at once until the rolls pull out into the 4 legs of an animal body

Pull the ends out of the rolls so it turns into a body with four legs.

two towel animal bodies, 1 with rolls up and the other with rolls down

Repeat with a second towel to make two bodies. Set one body with the rolls facing up and the other with the rolls facing down.

tuck one body into the other

Tuck the body with the down facing rolls between the upward facing rolls of the other body perpendicular to each other so it becomes one eight-legged body.

How to Make Towel Spider Head & Body

fold towel into thirds across the short side. Fold both sides of one end diagonally to the middle.

Fold the remaining bath towel into thirds across the short side. On one end of the towel fold each side diagonally to the middle making two little triangles for the spider’s rear end.

fold down the center of the other end

Fold down the center of the opposite end and hold in place with a finger.

fold both sides of the end just past the middle

Fold each side of that end across the bit you are holding down so they reach just over the middle to make the spider’s head.

set the head and body on the legs with folds on the underside

Turn towel over so folded ends are on the bottom and place it over the legs. Adjust position as needed and shape head and body as desired.

towel spider

Finishing the Towel Spider

Position the spiders legs as desired. Add eyes, which can be googly eyes or eyes made of paper or felt. Other decorations such as fangs are optional. Pull bits of rolled cotton into strands and position around the spider like a web.

finished towel spider

For more towel animal folding ideas see My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

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  1. Anna says:

    I always enjoy seeing those towel animals and I have never seen a towel spider. Love it!

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