Décor on Holland America Oosterdam

sunrise over the Pacific Ocean

sometimes nature provides all the décor a cruise ship needs

It’s sometimes hard to put a name to the décor on a cruise ship. For a short description on Holland America Oosterdam, subdued opulence with an old time charm comes to mind.

cruise ship art

wall mural

Hallway paintings frequently depict Dutch old world scenes, often with sailing ships.

cruise ship hallway


cruise ship hallway

hallway decor

The hallways themselves often have their own look.

old style cruise ship

one stairway shows different renditions of Holland America ships throughout the years

stairway art

one stairway has engraved plaques

Each of the stairways has its own style of artwork, which helps in getting around the ship if you recognize whether you are on the aft, mid, or forward stairway by the pictures on the walls between decks. It also helps in knowing when you’ve reached the right deck without looking for the deck number if you use that stairway often enough to know which picture is on the deck you want – like the one where your cabin is located.

elevator mat

floor mat in an elevator

Anyone who loses track of the day of the week need go no farther than the nearest elevator. All the elevators have day of the week mats which are changed daily.

gallery bar

Gallery Bar

cruise ship bar

Ocean Bar

Each space in the ship like bars or restaurants has décor that sets it apart from the others, yet blends with the general appearance of the ship.

wooden elephant

giant wooden elephant

Some places hold hidden surprises like the large wooden elephant hiding under the stairway in the sort of secret hallway leading to the lower level of the theater.

cruise ship decor

tile inlay in a hallway

Even the floor has a fancy tile inlay in one hallway.

ugly cruise ship statues

ugly headless statues

While a lot of the artwork is tasteful and nice, the ship does have some of the ugly statues that seem to be obligatory in cruise ship art since most ships have some pretty ugly statues around somewhere. The Oosterdam has headless statues in some places and some that are just heads elsewhere. A bit grisly actually those decapitated bodies and bodiless heads.

ship model

ship model in a case

Other than the ugly statues and odd bit here and there, overall the décor of the ship is nice.

cruise ship decor

A crystal globe is the centerpiece of the Oosterdam’s atrium. Sometimes the world turns within its golden frame and sometimes it just sits still.

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