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kids on cruise ships

Hannah and friend lounging on a deck chair

My Daughter recently took a cruise with her kids on P&O, an Australian cruise line. In her blog, Mommy Adventures she wrote a review of her experiences taking a cruise with two small children. She found having a child under the age limit for the children’s program rather inconvenient. Cruise lines vary from less than a year to three years old as the starting age for children’s activities or babysitting. For information about children’s programs on a variety of cruise lines see Cruising With Kids.

There used to be a link in this post to Sheri’s blog post about her cruise, however she no longer writes that blog and somebody else has taken over the name of her former blog. The link has been removed as her posts no longer exist and the link now goes to somebody else’s website.

Mommy Adventures

“How many more days?”  Hannah asked me every morning for weeks.  She and Daniel were so excited for our cruise with Aunty Jess, as was I.  It was our last hurrah before everything change, before she has a baby.  That’s not for another 20 weeks, but cruises have surprisingly early pregnancy cut off dates.


I have been potty training Daniel vigilantly for a couple of months, but it was all in vain.  He wasn’t allowed at the kids club.  Not because he wasn’t potty trained.  Contrary to what P&O’s website says, kids who aren’t potty trained can go in the kids club.  Their parents just have to respond to the pager given out by the kids club asap to change a soiled nappy if needed.

He wasn’t allowed in the kids club because they don’t take kids who are a day under 3.  I thought that when Jess said if…

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