How To Fold a Towel Leprechaun

better than cruise ship towel animals

Towel Leprechaun

Supplies Needed to Make a Towel Leprechaun

1. Green Bath Towel

2. Beige, Tan, or Brown Hand Towel

3. Gold Pipe Cleaner (chenille stem)

4. Black Paper

5. Black Socks

6. Brown or Black Yarn

7. Eyes -googly eyes or paper or felt eyes

8. Leprechaun Hat

How To Make a Towel Leprechaun Body

making a towel leprechaun

green bath towel with short ends rolled to the center

Lay a green bath towel out flat.  Roll both sides to the center from the short ends.

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

rolled towel folded in half with some tips pulled out of the center

Fold rolled towel in half, rolls to the outside.  Pull the tips out from the center of each roll.

towel art

one hand grasps the tips from each end of the same roll

Take the the tips from both ends of one roll in one hand and the tips from both ends of the other roll in the other hand.

towel art

the leprechaun takes the standard towel animal body used on many towel animals

Pull until the towel resembles a body.

how to fold towel creations

headless towel body in seated position

Raise one end of towel leprechaun body up and set arms onto legs in seated position.

Decorating the Towel Leprechaun Body

it's not real gold, but it's not a real buckle either

gold square made from a pipe cleaner

Fold a gold colored pipe cleaner into a square, leaving one end sticking out.

using Christmas leftovers in St Paddy's day towel art

With the loose end wrapped to the middle and tucked down the square becomes a buckle

Wrap loose end to center of square, fold down and tuck end around opposite side so it forms a buckle.

how to make a leprechaun belt

slip a strip of paper through the newly made buckle and it becomes a belt

Cut a strip of black paper to the width of the pipe cleaner buckle and run the paper through the buckle.  Place over the front middle of the towel leprechaun body and tape to the back.

decorations transform towels into all sorts of different creatures

no head on this body yet, but now it has a belt

Fold small black socks down into themselves to make them into little boots for the towel leprechaun and tuck the ends of the legs into the boots.

How to Make a Towel Leprechaun Head

it's a lot harder to make towels look like people than like animals

pick a towel color that resembles a human skin tone for the head

Hang center of long side of skin-colored hand towel over hook on wall, or tuck it under your chin.

turning a towel into a head

there should be hands on both sides of the towel, but the other one is on the camera

Roll both sides tightly to the center at the same time.   Set rolled towel on flat surface, rolled side down.

it doesn't look much like a head here, but it will

leave enough towel for ears sticking out on each side and hold the any extra in the middle when starting to roll

From the wide end, leave as much of the loose part of the towel sticking out on either side as you want for the leprechaun’s ears.  Hold any excess loose part against the wide end of the rolled towel as you start to roll so it gets rolled into the head as you only want enough sticking out for leprechaun sized ears.

towel head

rolling the head

Roll tightly from the wide end toward the narrow end with the rolls on the outside.

folding a towel leprechaun head

finished leprechaun head

When you get nearly to the end, tuck the narrow end in between the rolls, leaving enough for a nose sticking out from between them.

How to Make a Yarn Leprechaun Beard

towel crafts

cut piece of yarn over card

Cut a strip of yarn long enough to tie around the leprechaun’s head.  Lay yarn string over a card several inches long and around an inch or so wide.

holiday crafts

wind the yarn around the card

Wrap yarn around the card and loose string taking care not to tangle the loose string into the end of the yarn you are wrapping with.  When the card has as much yarn on it as you want the thickness of the leprechaun’s beard to be, cut the end off from the yarn you are winding with so you just have the yarn looped over the card and string.

yarn crafts

once the card is full of yarn, pull it out leaving just the string through the yarn loops

Slide the card out of the yarn and then you just have loops over the string.  Set the beard onto the leprechaun’s head as desired and tie the ends of the yarn string together in the back of the head.

Finishing the Towel Leprechaun

how to make a towel head

head with eyes and beard ready to set on body

Tape eyes onto the leprechaun’s head with double stick tape.  Place the head on top the body.  Use a leprechaun hat purchased from party supply or dollar store, or make a leprechaun hat out of paper to set on leprechaun’s head.

towel leprechaun strike one

Make sure the yarn is not the same color as the towel. It doesn’t look human enough if the colors are too close like this one.

this towel leprechaun is wearing his St Paddy's day green

Towel Leprechaun all ready for St. Patrick’s Day

Now you have a finished towel leprechaun.  If you wanted to get really fancy you could add little glove or paper hands, a pot of gold, or other embellishments if desired.



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11 Responses to How To Fold a Towel Leprechaun

  1. sharechair says:

    That is adorable!!!

  2. Ralph says:

    So funny ! But what a lot of work. I love your towel figures. 😀 xox

  3. I much prefer your leprechaun to the Lucky Charms’ chap. I bet you could even figure our how to fold towels to look like me.

  4. Ruth Roberts says:

    Your leprechaun is really attractive! If I made that I would not want to take it apart. Don’t think you will ever find that on a cruise ship, but it would be a nice surprise if you had over night guests around St. Patrick’s Day.

    • I keep them all around for awhile, but sooner or later I need either the towels they are made with or the space they occupy for a newer animal. Cruise ships just have white towels so they are more limited than me.

  5. Chris says:

    You’re taking towel animals to the next level. I haven’t ever seen anything like it made out of towels before.

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