Product Review: Quick Spit and Scrub Lens Defogger and Cleaner

dive mask care and cleaning products

Quickspit and scrub

I love to snorkel, as anyone who reads my blog regularly probably knows from all the snorkel excursions I write about.  After using dry snorkels once when snorkeling in the crater at Diamondhead in Hawaii we got spoiled on them.  The dry snorkel does not let water in if you dive under or when the waves are high.  With an open tube snorkel you have to blow the water out of the tube.  On our next snorkel trip after Hawaii we went to the Great Barrier Reef, where the crew on the snorkel boat we went on pretty much looked at us like we were delusional when we asked if they had any dry snorkels.  They did not seem to think such a thing existed.  Other than the one time in Hawaii, nowhere we have snorkeled had the dry snorkels so eventually we bought our own snorkel gear.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

My daughter’s husband Aaron snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef

Often the snorkel masks seem to have issues with fogging.  Some places have something to spray them with prior to entering the water, others just go with the spit on it or dip it in the ocean first theory.  Most of the photos taken on my trusty lumix underwater camera have been done blind – that is I could not see the screen so just aimed the camera in the general direction of whatever I wanted to shoot and took lots of pictures in hopes some turned out.

dry snorkel

dry snorkel

My own mask seemed worse than the borrowed ones.  The thing is, they come with some sort of protective coating that has to be removed, only we never seemed to have the right product to get the job done.  The defoggers never seemed to help  much either.  Due to the coating perhaps or we just had the wrong kind.  That all changed after trying scrub mask and slate cleaner and quick spit antifog from,which I got for my husband as a stocking stuffer one Christmas.  (This is not a paid review, nor did they send me this product free or even have a clue that I’m writing this blog.  I just like the product.)

how to keep your snorkel mask clear underwater

snorkel mask stays clear in the water with quick spit and scrub

We set out for our excursion having just thrown the bottles in with our snorkel gear, not bothering to read the instructions.   Had we bothered we’d have known both products said to rinse them off.  Not really having that option out on the snorkel boat, we just squirted the scrub on our masks, used our fingers to rub it around as the bottle suggests, then in lieu of rinsing we wiped the lenses of our masks with one of those special lens cloths that don’t leave scratches.  The quick spit also mentioned rinsing in fresh water after spraying it on, but not having any available we just wiped that with the lens cloth as well, completely disregarding the part where it says to use as directed.  Before getting in the water we did dip our masks in the sea so they did get a bit of a salt water rinse before use.

We had a two snorkel outing, the sort that goes to a reef and then a wreck.  Not only did the lens stay perfectly clear through the first stop, it also stayed perfectly clear through the second stop that day and on another outing later in the trip without any further application, though we did clean them properly and rinse with fresh water after the second and final use for that trip.

snorkeling in Cozumel

snorkeling with the underwater camera – this photo was taken before we had the Quick spit, the mask is not nearly as clear as in the previous picture

In addition to not having to spend any snorkel time clearing fog off my mask, I found that I also could now see the screen on my underwater camera under the water as well as above.  Imagine that, actually seeing what I want to take photos of!  Seeing them doesn’t stop the fish from swimming out of the frame before clicking the button so it still takes a few shots to get a useable one, but it’s nice to at least know where to aim it.

Quick spit antifog and scrub mask and slate cleaner – don’t go snorkeling without them!

Note: The Quick spit says it works on glass or plastic, but the scrub says not to use it on plastic lenses.

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6 Responses to Product Review: Quick Spit and Scrub Lens Defogger and Cleaner

  1. that stuff would be good to take on boats where you have to use masks other people have been spitting in for years 🙂

  2. It’s been snowing steadily and heavily all day up here. When I slithered into a jam packed subway train this morning, my glasses instantly fogged. I could have used some serious lens defogger then!

  3. Chris Beath says:

    I have used tooth paste for the first cleaning on a new mask before. That will take off the protective coating the factory puts on. The anti fog stuff is great though. I have never worried about the fresh water rinse and have used it when diving in both fresh and salt water with the same results. The spit in rinse method works well enough but the anti fog spray is much better.

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