Carnival Breeze Comedy Brunch

Carnival Breeze in Saint Martin

Carnival Breeze

A cruise on Carnival’s newest ship, the Breeze, includes the opportunity to experience a variety of the new 2.0 upgrades.  The Breeze is the first ship to include all of them built in from the start.  One is the comedy brunch.   They held it several different times on sea days throughout our transatlantic cruise.   The dining room stayed open for quite awhile, incorporating hours through both breakfast and lunch time. This allowed passengers the choice of eating early or late and still having the chance to experience the comedy brunch.

Comedy Brunch on Carnival Breeze

Comedy Brunch Menu

A special menu included both breakfast and lunch items and a few desserts, some of which we saw in the making on our galley tour.  A basket of croissants, danishes, muffins and quick breads sat in the middle of the table in serve-yourself style.  I tried some sort of delicious lemon bread that almost tasted like cake.  I was happy to see the menu included my favorite Eggs Benedict.  Of course I ordered that.  I would have liked more hollandaise sauce.  Usually the sauce runs in pools onto the plate, on these it seemed almost cooked onto the egg.  I would guess that is because normally the Eggs Benedict are cooked to order, but at the comedy brunch they likely make them up in advance due to the sheer number of people eating them that day.

comedian performing at comedy brunch on Carnival Breeze


On the hour, a comedian comes out for a very short performance.  They get a pre-recorded introduction from George Lopez because this is part of the Funships 2.0 upgrade.   The Breeze is the first ship to have the complete 2.0 package, all built right in when the ship was made.  The comedian tells a few jokes for what seemed like about 10 minutes or so.  Kind of a teaser to introduce themselves.  For a longer performance, they have evening shows with family friendly and late show options.  No food with those, though they do serve drinks.

We quite enjoyed the comedy brunch, and the fact that some people could make lunch choices while others preferred to order breakfast.  Since the ship does not limit the amount of entrees ordered, a really hungry guest could order both, though nobody at our table did.  They seated us at a large round table right near where the comedian stood, so not only did we get a great view of the show, we also had an opportunity to meet some other passengers on the ship also seated at that table.

food served at Carnival Cruise comedy brunch

special soup for comedy brunch

food at Carnival Breeze comedy brunch

besides the fancy stuff, the Comedy Brunch also had comfort food options like macaroni & cheese

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4 Responses to Carnival Breeze Comedy Brunch

  1. sharechair says:

    Never heard of a Comedy Brunch but it sounds like fun!

  2. Love the food and comedy!

  3. Chris Beath says:

    I always like the comedy shows. Justin enjoyed them too. He did better with comedy shows then he did with the kids play room.

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