The Lido Barbecue

Holland America Westerdam

Westerdam docked in San Juan

We returned from our visit to Puerto Rico on a hot afternoon and thought a swim would feel quite nice.  We changed into swimsuits, gathered up our towels and things and headed for the lido deck aft pool on the Holland America Westerdam.

aft pool sculpture

sculpture at the adult pool

They have a required shower next to the pool to insure people don’t drag dirt, sweat or any other bad things into the pool. We had a nice refreshing swim, sat in the hot tub for awhile, and laughed at the cartoony pool sculpture in the adult pool.  (What can I say, I’m easily amused.) John went back to our room to find a book, and I sat at one of the poolside tables to read the one I brought with me.

veggie flower arrangement

vegetable bouquet

Meanwhile, the crew seemed busy setting up barbecue grills, tables and things at the back end of the boat.  Interesting.  Are they planning to barbecue?  We knew of no such thing.

John took forever to come back and I started to get thirsty.  When the waiter came by for about the 10th time asking if I wanted

lido barbecue

carved watermelon

anything from the bar I finally said pineapple juice.  He showed back up and asked for my sign & sail card.  What’s this?  I thought they didn’t charge extra for juice. Everything from the bar has a charge, he said.  Who knew? Oh well, lesson learned.  I guess they have to pay the guy to serve people who are too lazy to wander back to the juice station to get their own juice.  Probably didn’t have pineapple in the juice machine anyway.

Holland America cruise

lido barbecue

John finally came back, and by then the crew at the back of the boat had set out vegetable flower arrangements and carved watermelons.  Soon an array of side dishes followed.  Might as well eat dinner here, we decided.  Soon some ladies we met in the dining room the first night showed up.  We invited them to join us at our table.  They appreciated that as they had not found a vacant one.  We all had a nice chat and caught up on what each other had done so far that cruise.  While we enjoyed our walk through town and visits to the old forts in Puerto Rico that day, they took a bargain random bus tour of the sort often found when wandering off a cruise ship with no plans for what to do or where to go.  We’ve always enjoyed the ones we’ve taken, but they didn’t like theirs much.  Perhaps we are  just easier to please, or it may be they just had bad luck.


I thought the barbecue was something special for that night we just happened to wander in on. Our new friends said they had eaten out there just about every night.  A food option we hadn’t even known about. Soon the barbecue opened and we all found a choice selection of tasty things to eat.  They had a variety of meats and seafood and even some grilled vegetables.  Side dishes included pasta, salads and breads.

Caribbean cruise

can’t eat this lobster

We lingered over our table, a nice chat with a nice meal.  Another pleasant day aboard the Westerdam.  Of course days on a cruise ship don’t end with dinner.  Evenings have plenty of entertainment options including the nightly show in the theater, dancing in the nightclub, or visits to one of the many bars or the casino.  We even saw people dancing in a piano bar one night as we wandered by on a photo safari.

The end of the evening comes upon returning to the cabin to find the night’s towel animal.

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