How to Fold a Towel Skunk

towel skunk

Some people might think making a towel skunk stinks, but I had a request for instructions on how to make one, so I had to figure out how. Here it is, a brand new My Cruise Stories original towel animal. Possibly the only towel skunk folding directions in existence since the person requesting it could not find them anywhere.

Supplies Needed

2 black washcloths             1 white washcloth               1 rubber band

black bath towel                 eyes (googly, felt, or paper)


fold each corner down from the center of the folded end of the washcloth

Use 1 black washcloth to make the skunk’s head. Start by folding the washcloth in half on a straight line so it comes out as a rectangle.

with both sides folded over it looks like a triangle

From the center of the folded edge, fold both ends over into triangles so that the center of the original fold is at the peak of the larger triangle formed by folding the ends over.

fold over the long edge

Fold long edge over on top of the side with triangle folds.

fold in half with previous folds to outside, secure with a rubber band, and shape ears and nose

Fold the whole thing in half with the long fold to the outside. Carefully pull the tips of the corners of the triangles out from under folded edge to make small ears. Shape nose as desired and secure long bits with rubber band under head.


towel origami

roll both ends of bath towel to center

The skunk uses the standard towel animal body. Start by laying the bath towel out flat. From the short ends, tightly roll both sides to the center.

fold with rolls to the outside and pull tips out of the center of the end of each roll

Fold in half with the rolls to the outside. Pull the tip out of the center of each roll.

towel art

take the tips of one roll in one hand, and the other roll in the other hand

Grab the pulled corners of both ends of one roll in one hand, and the pulled corners of both ends of the other roll in the other hand.

how to fold cruise ship towel animals

pull all 4 tips at once until the rolls pull out into the 4 legs of an animal body

Pull them tight and stretch into animal body with four legs. If you can’t pull all 4 legs all the way out at once pull them as far as you can, then set the body down and do one pair at a time. Set the body down with the longer part of the towel running lengthwise across the legs on top. (The side shown in the picture above.)

Tail and stripe

fold black washcloth into a triangle, roll white washcloth and set in triangle’s peak

Fold the second black washcloth in half diagonally so it forms a triangle. Start with one corner of the white washcloth and roll it until you reach the opposite corner so the whole thing is one long roll. Place white washcloth with the tip of one end sitting just inside the peak of the triangle in the black washcloth.

fold the sides of the triangle over the roll.

Fold the black triangle over on both sides along the edges of the white roll.

put the stripe between the folds of black towel on the back of the body with the tail hanging out between the back legs

Set the long part of the white stripe that is not within the black washcloth between the rolls on the towel body, with the tail part hanging out beyond the back legs and adjust the tail part so the black doesn’t cover the white.


Put the head between the legs at the other end of body. Tuck the end of the stripe into the  back of the head and arrange the stripe, tail, head, and body as desired.

finished towel skunk

Add eyes. Googly eyes work nicely with a bit of double-stick tape to hold them on. Eyes made from things like felt, paper or bits of cloth work fine too. If you really wanted to get creative you could add a little white felt stripe to the face so the skunk has a stripe there too like a real one.

For instructions on how to fold lots of different towel animals, see My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

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2 Responses to How to Fold a Towel Skunk

  1. Anna Koss says:

    I absolutly love towel animals. Thanks for sharing. They are always fun to make.

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