Sitting Towel Dog

how to fold a towel dog

Sitting Towel Dog


How to Fold a Sitting Towel Dog with Bagus of MSC Divina


1 Bath Towel

1 Hand Towel

Eyes – googly or felt or paper

Pompom nose

Washcloth (optional)

How to Fold a Towel Dog Body

towel origami

Lay bath towel flat folded in half across the short side. Roll each side to the center from the long sides.

Fold bath towel in half across the short side. Lay flat and roll each side to the center from the edges of the long sides.

towel art

rolled towel with end that had the first fold in it tucked under

Keeping the rolled side facing up, fold about 1/3 of the front edge (the folded one) under.

how to make cruise ship towel animals

set the front legs in between the back legs

Position the towel with the shorter rolls to the outside and the longer rolls coming over the top through the center. You may need to unroll the section underneath a bit to get the back legs to the outsides of the front legs.

How to fold a Towel Dog Head

arts and crafts with towels

fold hand towel in half across the short side then tuck the edge of the folded end under the towel

Fold the hand towel in half across the short side.  Tuck under about an inch or so of the folded edge.

making a towel dog head

fold the other end over the top so it reaches all the way to the folded edge

Fold both ends of the unfolded edge over the top so it reaches the edge.

step by step towel animal folding directions

it is just the two layers from the unfolded end making the triangle

Put a finger in the center of the folded edge of the long side and bring the unfolded corners of one edge to the middle so it sits like a triangle. Move only the top 2 layers of towel with unfolded edges, leaving the part where the end is folded under where it is.

making a towel dog

the top layers of both sides form triangles over the lower layers

Repeat with the other side.

the art of towel folding

roll each side of the head to the center from the short ends

Roll one side, then the other to the center, keeping the rolls as tight as you can.

towel pets

Not everyone can pull these heads as tight as the stateroom stewards. That’s what rubber bands are for. Tuck the rubber band under the fold so it doesn’t show.

If you can’t get the rolls tight enough for the head to stay together on its own, put a rubber band under the first inch or so fold.

towel dog

Pull both flaps to tighten the head. Then pull just the back ones into ears and tuck the front ones under the fold. Shape the ears and nose as desired before placing head on body.

Pull the top bits on both sides to tighten up the rolls. Leave the back flap of each side for an ear and pull the front one tight and tuck it underneath the initial inch or so fold. Shape the ears and nose as desired. Set the head on the body and decorate with eyes and nose.

Optional Washcloth Tail

washcloth dog tail

fold washcloth diagonally in half for tail

To add a tail to your dog, fold a washcloth in half diagonally.

washcloth dog tail

roll the washcloth all the way around into a cone shape from the mid point of the fold

Roll all the way around starting from the center and one edge.

towel dog with a tail

tuck the finished tail between the towel rolls at the back end of the dog

Tuck tail in between leg rolls at the back of the dog.

towel dog

Finished towel dog with tail

For a laying down towel dog click here.

How to make a towel dog

Laying down towel dog

For more towel animal folding instructions, visit My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

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