Food on the Wilderness Adventurer

Port Townsend, WA

Wilderness Adventurer in Port Townsend

People look forward to the food on cruise ships.  While Wilderness Adventurer is an expedition vessel designed for active adventures in remote places, a satisfying meal still plays a part in the enjoyment of the cruise.  Or un-cruise since this is after all Un-Cruise Adventures, so named because the experience aboard these small ship adventure vessels is vastly different than that found on the large cruise ships.

cruise food

lunch buffet on Chinese food day

On  our cruise on the Wilderness Adventurer they served breakfast and lunch buffet style and dinner in sit down and order fashion. Each meal brings about several choices, with the day’s menu shown on one channel of the stateroom TV.

cruise food

chow mien and salad for lunch

Early breakfasters can choose from continental breakfast selections of cold cereal, fruit, a variety of breads, and yogurt. Later hot food selections are added, which vary daily with things like pancakes or frittatas, potatoes, eggs and bacon or sausage, and oatmeal.  People work up an appetite on daily adventures like hiking or kayaking.

Un-Cruise food

every day the menu changed

On our cruise they put a list of the dinner main dish choices out at the bar so people could pre-select, which would help them greatly in knowing how much of each thing to cook.

what to eat on an un-cruise

the chef liked to plate things in a pile

If people didn’t choose ahead of time they could still order what they wanted. They normally offered a meat choice, a seafood choice, and a vegetarian option. The favorite among a number of passengers often was half & half. With most people that meant half meat, half seafood, but vegetarian worked as one of the halves too if that was what someone thought sounded good.

fish dish

each night had a fish option

fancy plated food

meat option was always a choice

The menu at each meal changed every day and the pastry chef added delightful breads and desserts.

fancy dessert

dessert – the best part

mmm, dessert

this chocolate cake was delicious

sweet treats

carrot cake

cruise ship bar

bar on the Wilderness Adventurer


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8 Responses to Food on the Wilderness Adventurer

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Looks like good eats to me!

  2. Even though I’m not they type who is inclined to go on a cruise, if I did, the Wilderness Adventurer cruises look like they’re more my speed. They just strike me as edgier and sexier. I dig the look of both the chow and the bar.

    • It’s definitely different from the big ships, which is why the company is called Un-Cruise Adventures. The big ships go port to port, stopping in places that can handle both a ship of their size and the amount of people on a large ship, while these ships often cruise cove to cove in wild places. The ports they do stop in are much smaller than the sort where the big ships go. So it is a unique cruising experience. And the chow is top notch. I can’t say about the bar since I don’t drink, but other people certainly enjoyed it. The Wilderness Discoverer, which is a sister ship to this one, has a bar stool made from an old saddle that I gave to the owner of the company. The saddle actually has its own story in this blog:

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