How to Fold a Towel Turtle

cruise ship towel animals

Towel Turtle on Carnival Liberty

Supplies Needed to Make a Towel Turtle

1. Bath Towel

2. Hand Towel

3. Washcloth

4. eyes (bits of paper or felt or googly eyes)

Video of Stateroom Steward Folding Towel Turtle

How to Make a Towel Turtle Body

The turtle takes the standard towel animal body, same as many other towel animals.

how to fold a cruise ship towel turtle

one side of towel rolled to middle

Lay the bath towel out flat.

how to fold a cruise ship towel turtle

both sides rolled to the middle

Roll both ends to the middle.

how to make cruise ship towel animals

rolled towel folded in half, rolls to outside

Fold rolled towel in half, rolls to the outside.

how to make a towel turtle

pull the ends of the tips out of each roll

Pull the tip out of the end of each roll.

the fine art of towel animal folding

pull the rolls into legs

Take the two tips that are the ends of one roll in one hand and the tips that are the ends of the other roll in the other hand and pull all four at once until the rolls pull into legs.

standard towel animal body

finished towel animal body

How to Make a Towel Turtle Shell

Lay the hand towel out flat.

how to fold a towel turtle shell

fold the hand towel in half crosswise

Fold in half the short way across the middle.

how to fold a towel turtle's shell

fold hand towel in half diagonally

Fold in half diagonally so it looks like a triangle.

How to Make a Towel Turtle Head

Lay the washcloth out flat.

how to make a washcloth head for a towel turtle

fold down one end of the washcloth

Fold one end down a couple inches.

folding a washcloth into a turtle head

one side of washcloth folded over for turtle head

Fold both corners down from the middle of the folded end turning that end pointy.

making washcloth turtle head

both corners folded over for washcloth turtle head

Roll both sides to the middle at the same time.

washcloth animal head

if you don’t have camera in the other hand, you can roll both sides at once

Shape the pointy end into the head and make sure the rolls of the neck are tight.

Putting the Towel Turtle Together

making a towel turtle

set the head on top of the body

Set head on top of body.

how to make a towel turtle

drape the shell over the turtle with the straight edge to the front

Drape the shell over the head and body.

towel origami

finished towel turtle

Tuck the ends of the shell in at the back and sides and decorate with eyes.  Bits of paper, cloth or felt work for eyes.  Googly eyes work well too.

making a towel turtle

for a different way to assemble the turtle, tuck the head between the leg rolls on the body

For a different way to assemble the turtle, turn the body over and nestle the head between the leg rolls, then flip it back over and put on the shell instead of putting the head on top of the body before adding the shell.

towel turtle #2

flip turtle over so neck is underneath

the art of towel origami

top it with a shell for a different finished towel turtle

Next in this towel animal folding series: Towel Dog

cruise ship towel animals

towel bulldog in Carnival Liberty launderette

For instructions on folding other towel animals check out My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page, where clicking on any photo brings you to a blog with instructions on how to fold that animal.

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6 Responses to How to Fold a Towel Turtle

  1. artzent says:

    Talent with a towel! Awesome!

  2. I like yours better than the ones on the ship because yours are always the right colour!

  3. Chris says:

    Of all the towel animals I have seen I don’t think I have seen a towel fish yet. With cruise ships being in the water and all you would think that would be one of the first towel animals to see. If you don’t know of one yet maybe you could invent it.

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