The Inside Upper Lower Accessible Cabin

Carnival Magic

Carnival Magic

Cruise ships have a variety not just of passenger cabins, but of accessible passenger cabins, and Carnival Magic is no exception. Whether accessible or not, rooms run the range from inside cabins to suites, and everything in between.

inside cabin sleeps 4

regular inside cabin with bunks has 2 lower beds that can go together for a queen

Prices vary among the same type of cabin depending on its location both in deck level and whether it is near the middle or out toward one of the ship’s ends. The very cheapest of the cheap, or lowest category of inside room is the ones designated as upper lower. By upper/lower they mean one actual single bed and one either bunk or couch bed. The traditional upper/lower has a drop-down bunk, but some ships have rooms with a couch that converts to a bed and one regular bed and these are also in that classification. These rooms are great for bargain hunters and solo cruisers. Usually they are fairly small rooms, but as with any category accessible rooms are normally larger than others in that category.

inside upper lower cabin

inside upper lower cabin 1340

When booking last minute for the Magic, my sister had a choice of inside room or suite. With suite well out of her budget that left inside room, of which her choices were accessible or not in the upper/lower category. Her travel agent said they would sell just one of the two available inside rooms as ships can’t exceed their lifeboat capacity and this one was nearly full. Depending on how many rooms have more than two guests booked some other rooms may go unsold and remain empty even when the ship is at full passenger capacity. Since they make more money on suites they’d rather an inside room was left open. Her travel agent advised picking the accessible room since it would be more spacious than the regular one.

cruise ship hallway

hallway in the cabin area on Carnival Magic

This room was located on the Lido deck and was of the traditional style with one bed and a drop-down bunk, which stays folded up fairly unobtrusively in the ceiling when not in use. The upper bunks have come a long way over time. Some older ships still have wall mounted bunks that stick out into the room even when folded up, while newer ones have ceiling bunks that fold completely into the ceiling leaving it just as flat as a room without bunks. On the magic the bunk folded up against the ceiling, but not into it. The room had lots of floor space since as a fully accessible room sometimes people have to maneuver a wheelchair around in there. Closet space was limited as the closet was smaller than average to fit in the space between the wall and the oversized bathroom door. The desk ended with space between it and the bathroom for wheelchair parking, making it smaller than average as well. So she got lots of floorspace and not so much storage.

cruise ship accessible cabin

shower in the accessible cabin

Floorspace wasn’t the only thing bigger than average though. While cruise ship bathrooms are usually pretty small, in the accessible rooms they are quite spacious. Instead of a lip around the shower it has drains for a roll-in shower, which is about double the size of those in regular cabins. There is also lots of floor space by the sink. The shower has a drop-down seat, and since it is oversized the clothesline is longer than normal.

accessible sink

sink in the accessible cabin bathroom

For one person this is a great room. Two would have space enough to move around, but might find the limited storage space a bit of a challenge if they brought much stuff, though if they had no wheelchair suitcases could sit in that space rather than getting stuffed under the bed making it easy to keep some things there. The bathroom would be no problem for two with more than the usual amount of counter space.

inside upper lower cabin

inside upper lower accessible room 11268

Overall she liked the room, except for lack of a chair until the steward brought her one of the sort normally found on balconies. The other drawback was that while proximity to the Lido made grabbing a snack or something to drink easy, it also meant hearing any late night deck parties making sleep impossible before the party ended. While the nightly movies seemed loud out on deck, she did not hear those in the room. These rooms can also be found on other decks.

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