How to Make a Towel Unicorn

How To Fold A Towel Unicorn

free towel animal folding directions

Towel Unicorn

Supplies Needed to Make a Towel Unicorn

1 White Bath Towel

1 White Hand Towel

1 White Wash Cloth

2 Gold Pipe Cleaners (AKA chenille stems or fuzzy craft sticks)

2 eyes

How to Fold a Towel Unicorn Body

The towel unicorn uses a standard towel animal body made from a bath towel.  Start by laying the white bath towel out flat.

free towel animal folding instructions

roll both sides of the bath towel to the center from the short ends

Roll each end to the center from the short side.

towel art

fold the rolled towel in half with rolls to the outside and pull the tips out of the center of each roll

Fold rolled towel in half, rolls to the outside.  Pull tips out of the center of each roll.

towel origami

take both ends of one roll in one hand, both ends of the other roll in the other hand, and pull

Take the tip ends of both sides of one roll in one hand, and the tip ends of both sides of the other roll in the other hand.

towel sculpture

finished towel animal body

Pull all of them at once until you have pulled legs out of the roll and the towel looks like a  body with four legs.  If you lack the hand strength to pull the whole thing at once, pull it as far as you can, then set it down and take one end of a roll with one hand and the end of the other end other roll on the same half (longways) of the body with the other hand and pull just one side of the body.   Repeat with the other side.

How to Fold a Towel Unicorn Head

towel heads are the hard part of most towel animals

fold hand towel in half widthwise

Fold the hand towel in half across the center the short way.

folding towels into animals

Fold towel over at the open end

Fold the edges of the open end over a couple inches.

free towel animal folding instructions

one corner folded

folding towels into animals like on a cruise ship or hotel

both corners folded into triangles

From the center of the 2-inch fold, fold each corner over in triangle fashion.

how to make cruise ship towel animals

fold the point down under the towel

unicorns are real

the point is folded down and the long straight edge folded up

Fold the point down and the long edge up.

how to fold a towel into a unicorn

fold the corners down into little triangles on both ends of the long bit that just got folded up

Fold over the corners of the long edge into little triangles.

animal towel folding

you can roll one side at a time or roll both sides at once, whichever works for you

crap, it's blurry

both sides rolled to the middle

Tightly roll both sides of the head to the middle.

step by step towel animal folding with photos

put a rubber band around the head near the straighter end

Put a rubber band around the head near the straighter edge.

it looks like a head now

fold the edge over the rubber band and shape the ears and the nose

Fold the end of the towel over the rubber band and shape ears from the bits that stick up out the middle.  Shape the other end as desired for the nose.

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Unicorn Horn

how to make a unicorn horn

set two gold colored pipe cleaners perpendicular to each other

Set two pipe cleaners perpendicular to one another.

looks like an x now

fold each pipe cleaner in half over the other one so they hook together in the middle

Fold both in half over each other so they are hooked over one another.

golden unicorn horn

twist the pipe cleaners around each other to make a horn

Twist from the folded ends until the twisted part is the length you want the horn to be.

unicorn horn ready for attachment

when the horn part is the desired length, use the leftover ends to hook the horn to the rubber band on the unicorn head

Lift up the edge of the towel folded over the rubber band and intertwine the ends of the pipe cleaners into the rubber band.

unicorn with a horn

unicorn head with horn attached

Fold the edge back over the rubber band so all that shows is the horn.  (Or just make the horn ahead of time and put it on the rubber band while you are making the head.)

How to Fold a Washcloth Unicorn Tail

folding a washcloth into a unicorn tail

fold on the diagonal leaving a boarder on the edges

Lay white washcloth out flat.  Fold one corner over diagonally, leaving a boarder of an inch or two unfolded.

how to fold a washcloth into a unicorn tail

turn over so fold is on underside or just fold it down to start with

Turn washcloth over so folded part is underneath.

how to fold washcloth animal tails

roll diagonally from the center of the washcloth

washcloth animals

keep rolling from the end where you started until you roll the whole washcloth into a cone

From the center of the folded end, roll entire washcloth in one continuous roll so that it has a small tight end and an open sweeping end.

conehead, I mean cone tail

cone-shaped finished tail

Finishing the Towel Unicorn

making towel animals

position the body – horses lay down with all their legs on the same side so unicorns would too

Position the unicorn’s body as desired.  Insert the tail on one end and set the head on the other.  Decorate with eyes.  Felt or paper eyes will usually stick to the towel on their own, but googly eyes need double stick tape to hold them on.

better than cruise ship towel animals

finished towel unicorn

For more towel animal folding instructions visit My Cruise Stories Towel Animal Page.

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4 Responses to How to Make a Towel Unicorn

  1. Ralph says:

    Heehee ! That’s a really great unicorn LB 😀

  2. I’d fear that PETA would jump me if I would dare to use those towels upon exiting the shower.

  3. Lyn says:

    It is such a treat to come back to your cabin and find a specially folded towel on the bed.
    I have also come back to my nightie folded delicately into a flower

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