P&O Arcadia


British cruise ship games

people playing deck quoits

Teams of 2 throw 3 little rope donuts each from a line near the target where they stand to the circle of the far target. Ladies throw from a closer line than men. Standard teams consist of one man and one woman with men throwing from one end and ladies from the other so nobody has to go get the rope donuts from the other end, the teammate just throws them back. Teams take turns throwing with the one scoring last going first. Whoever is closest to the center dot at the end of the round gets the points for that quoit and any other of theirs that are closer than any of the opponent’s. The maximum score in a round is 7, 3 for a perfect ringer and 2 for each of your other two if they are fully within the inner circle and not touching the line and both are closer to the center than any of the opponent’s rings. To get the 3 points the black dot at the center of the red dot has to be fully visible when looking straight down on it.

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