Memories of a Cruise Ship Doctor part 1- Getting Hired


a lifetime of doctor memories in a book

Dr. Len Kreisler’s book

the book Roll the Dice, Pick a Doc and Hope For the Best by Len Kreisler MD

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  1. Traveling never fails to deliver exciting surprises. Taking our three families on a fishing trip in Alaska was still an unfulfilled item on my bucket list. Our youngest son Ken, found Whaler’s Cove Lodge, Angoon, Alaska and the families made all the arrangements: I just covered the tab. John Beath is one of the able captains that made sure we found the fish and had great fun in the process. When we discussed fulfilling one of my past bucket-wish-list goals as a cruise ship physician, he immediately texted his wife, Lois, from the boat. She was definitely interested in a follow up in her “Cruise Ship stories”. I’m honored and grateful for her efforts and I hope you enjoy the nine blogs she will be creating from a chapter in my book. Hopefully it will also pique your curiosity to travel and explore.
    Len Kreisler MD

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